Creative Ways To Set Your CBD Store Apart

Competition can be tough in the CBD market. Since this substance was legalized, CBD stores seem to be popping up in every corner. Luckily, demand for CBD is also high, which means there's plenty of room for you to compete. You will, however, want to take some steps to set your CBD store apart. Here are some ideas to get you started.

1. Partner with a specific CBD manufacturer

Customers like to know where their products come from. This is especially true in the CBD industry, where a lot of your customers are likely seeking natural products made by responsible companies. If you partner with a specific CBD manufacturer, then you can give your customers more information about the products they're buying. You can have a representative from the manufacturing company come to give a talk now and then, sharing more information with your clients. Customers will appreciate the way you help them stay informed.

2. Stock some really unique products

Yes, you will definitely need to stock the basics, like CBD oil, tincture, and gummies. But you'll also want to have a section of your store dedicated to strange and new items for your more experimental customers. CBD bubble bath, CBD popcorn, CBD gum — the possibilities are endless. You could even feature a specific, unique product on your social media pages each week in order to really create hype and draw in customers. 

3. Host testimonial events for existing and new clients

Once a month or so, your store could host a testimonial night. Have existing customers come and give a brief talk on CBD, how it has helped them, and what products they like best. New customers will really benefit from the information that is shared, and your existing customers will enjoy the opportunity to spread the word about products they love so much. Plus, this gets some new people into your store. The hope is that they'll return and buy from you again.

4. Sell some other herbal remedies, too

People visiting a CBD store are often looking for a natural way to relieve their pain, anxiety, and other ailments. They may be interested in other herbal remedies and essential oils, too. Including a few of these items in your selection will set you apart from other stores that only sell CBD products.

If you want to succeed in the CBD world, you need to be unique. The ideas above should get you off to a good start in that regard.