How Does Ear Candling Actually Work?

Do you have a problem with built-up earwax and don't know what to do about it? You may have heard about the process of ear candling in order to fix it. However, you'll want to know more about how this procedure actually works before you decide to do it yourself.

When To Try Ear Candling

Many people decide to use ear candling when they have wax that has built up in their ear that is causing their hearing to be impaired. It is a safe way to loosen the wax so that it can be removed, as opposed to using Q-tips and other objects that can hurt the eardrum when they are placed directly into the ear. 

What The Candle Is Made Out Of

The candles that you will find for ear candling are actually pieces of cotton that are formed into the shape of a cone. This cone is then covered with beeswax, but it can sometimes be coated with herbs and honey as well. This gives it the appearance of a candle, even though it is not an actual candle in the traditional sense of what you may think of. However, it is designed to work for the purpose of extracting wax from your ear.

How The Heated Vacuum Is Created

The person that will have the ear candling done to them lays with their head to the side, with the ear they want to treat facing upward. The narrow cone shape of the candle is then placed into their ear, and the top of the cone is lit on fire. The heat ends up creating a heated vacuum which is designed to pull earwax upward into the tube due to the negative pressure that is created. 

When To Stop The Ear Candling Treatment

You will typically not leave the ear candle lit and in place for several minutes, which gives the candle enough time to heat up and extract the wax from your ear. You do not want to burn the candle down to the end because the flame will get too close to the ear. The bottom portion of the candle will end up filling with wax from your ear that is extracted, so you are not wasting the candle by stopping early. The length of the candle was intended by design so that it can burn long enough with a place for the ear wax to go. 

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