Promotional Fishing Items To Hand Out

Handing out fishing-related promotional items can be a good idea in several different scenarios. Doing so is an obvious choice if you run a business that relates to fishing, but even if your business doesn't have anything to do with fishing, you may still want to order these promotional items. For example, if you operate your company in an area where fishing is a popular pastime, you can expect that people will be eager to receive and use the items that you customize and hand out. Many promotional product companies have various fishing-related items that you can order, including these three choices.


It may come as a slight surprise to you, but a lot of promotional companies have lures that you can customize and order. There are often several different lure types available, including spoon lures and plug lures. You'll be able to get your company's information printed on the lure, as well as choose various color combinations. For example, if your company uses red as its primary color, you might wish to choose a lure that has red stripes. Many people who fish enjoy collecting lures, and they'll be eager to put the lures that you hand out to work for them.

Fishing Tools

Another promotional product that you can consider is a fishing tool. There are many options, but a common fishing tool is a small device that has numerous functions — somewhat similar to a multi-tool pocket knife. For example, it will typically feature a sharp edge to cut fishing line, a screwdriver to adjust fishing reels, and other attachments. These tools come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, but many have room for your company's logo, name, and website on them. Fishing enthusiasts often attach these tools to their fishing vests, which means that your company's information will be visible to whoever the person fishes with.

Soda Can Cooler Sleeve

A lot of people enjoy sipping a can of soda while they fish, but the drink can quickly get warm in the sun. A good way to prevent the drink from getting too hot is to place the can in a cooler sleeve — which is another item that you can get customized and hand out as a promotional product. Even though it's not strictly related to fishing, it's a popular product that many people carry when they fish. The large surface area of the cooler sleeve will allow you to put a lot of information about your organization.

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