Collecting And Caring For Pocket Knives

If you are trying to start a collection of your favorite pocket knives, there are some things you need to know that will help you greatly. Whether you only have a pocket knife that was passed down to you as a child or you are pocket knife connoisseur that has several items in your collection, each one deserves your care and consideration. 

With this in mind, follow the strategies presented in order to do what is best for your pocket knife collection. 

Collect some pocket knives that are made with care and artfulness

It's important that you take the time to categorize your pocket knives based on their attributes. For instance, one of the categories might include newer knives that you currently use for camping trips, fishing, and other outdoor adventures. Another category might consist of handcrafted knives that feature artwork and different decorative aspects that really stand out. 

After you learn a bit more about which knives you really like, you can start going out of your way to collect them. For instance, you might find that you now go out of your way to collect knives from different areas in your travels. The knives that are seemingly one of a kind will be worth a lot more, so you will need to be a bit more deliberate about how you take care of these knives. 

Purchase some hard, locked display cases that will let you store your prized knives

If you are trying to get the best from your pocket knife collection, be sure that you invest in a hard display case that also has lock mechanisms. When you are able to store your knives neatly on a felt or silk setting or in a set of drawers, you will always know where all of your favorite ones are located. 

You will definitely need to invest in some great display cases when you go to knife shoes or carry out trades with other enthusiasts. Before putting your pocket knives away in these display cases, it is important that you clean and maintain your knives. Carefully handle them, so as to not cut yourself, and make sure that you regularly clean and wipe down the blade. Be careful not to break or jamp the mechanisms so that you can flick it open or otherwise use it whenever necessary. 

Utilize the tips in this article to get the most of your pocket knives and handmade pocket knives.