Beginning The Journey Of Casting Your Own Spells

The Book of Shadows is a fundamental text, as you begin your journey into Wicca. Although you can easily find spells in this text, as you advance in your beliefs you will likely want to create your own Book of Shadows. With knowledge of many of the tools used in spells, you can slowly build your own spells.

Start With A Journal

You will likely want a special place to keep your spells, once you have decided on the exact instructions. A hardbound journal is the best place to start. Choose an unlined journal, since it is less confining and may encourage you to add sketches or other unique elements beyond text. For an added touch, you may want one with a modest cover, so you can adorn your book over time and give it a unique design. Ideally, you will use a simple notebook as you test out different spells and take notes, so that you can transfer the results into your official Book of Shadows later, with minimal mistakes. This is also a good location to keep other important notes, such as the power of specific herbs, oils, and crystals, for easy reference.

Use Other Spells As Building Blocks

Sometimes, it can be overwhelming to start working on your own spell, so use a spell from the Book of Shadows or another trusted reference as a building block. Focus on a single type of spell, such as health, money, or love. You may notice commonalities between similar spells, such as those for protection against evil or negative energy. Ivy and bay leaves are just a few examples of herbs/plants used for this purpose. You may notice different crystals are also used in spells, such as those associated with protection from physical or emotional harm, such as forms of agate or turquoise. With this information, you can begin collecting the supplies that would be most likely beneficial for your spell and start testing them.

Pay Close Attention

Paying close attention to how you feel, and each supply will guide you on your spell-making. When you focus and meditate while holding your crystal, you may notice a change in your energy or nothing at all. Burning incense, lighting candles, or using essential oil-containing herbs or scents may intensify the effect. Other factors you should keep in mind are weather conditions, moon phases, and times of the year. Spell-making is often a matter of trial and error. You may find the spell you are creating gives you different energy under a full moon versus during the new moon. Meditation is often a critical part of casting spells, so the ability to concentrate and visualize may also affect the quality of your spells.

Creating spells that are effective for your needs and desires is an important part of Wicca. Taking the plunge and writing your own Book of Shadows will give you a personal reference you can build on for many years to come. Utilize a resource like Artes and Craft to obtain the supplies that you require.