Prepare A Juicing Station In Your Kitchen

If you are turning toward healthy greens and fresh fruits as your 'go-to' foods, but your family is less than thrilled with the prospect of joining you on your nutrition packed journey, then maybe you want to tantalize their taste buds with some vegetable and fruit smoothies that will be sure to get their attention. Prepare a juicing station in one corner of your kitchen and visit a discount kitchenware distributor to purchase all of the supplies that you need for the station.

Decide Upon The Juicer Type

Hand presses, masticating machines, and juicers that rely upon centrifugal force are all options for you to choose from. A hand press will require more effort than advanced models, but you can get one for pretty cheap and you may feel a satisfaction by witnessing the juicing process right at your fingertips.

Many hand press models feature a clear plastic cover that will allow you to keep an eye on the fruit/vegetable chamber, without needing to worry about spills. Seeds, pulp, and peel scraps can be filtered from your beverages as long as you have a screen attachment installed inside of the press.

A masticating electric juicer will slowly squeeze the juice from fruits and vegetables, but this process could take a while and you will need to cut fruits and vegetables into pieces before feeding them through a chamber. People who are experienced with juicing and restaurant owners often use masticating juicers because of the level of quality of each beverage. Because pulp and juice are carefully separated through the slow squeezing process, each beverage that is produced will be an even consistency.

A centrifugal force juicer extracts pulp and seeds at the same time that juice is extracted. A singular blade is responsible for the juicing process. Unlike a masticating machine, you will not need to cut fruits and vegetables into smaller pieces and each glass of juice will be produced quickly.

Purchase Some Accessories

Buy some discount cups or glassware and some colorful straws and toothpicks that can be used to garnish each beverage that you create. Purchase a cutting board and cutlery set if you would like to own new items that can be solely designated for the preparation of the juicing process.

If you are wary about the way that your family members will perceive the switch to healthy options, start them off slowly by choosing some tropical juices or beverages that have a sweet note to them. You can acquire some popular juicing recipes online or in a book and these can assist you during the introduction of the healthy beverages.

For more information, reach out to a discount kitchenware distributor near you.