How Can You Throw A Golden Anniversary Party To Remember?

If your parents will soon celebrate their 50th anniversary, you may want to host a surprise party where their family and friends can come to share well wishes and create new memories. However, financial constraints could have you worried about balancing your duties as host with a budget that won't allow much wiggle room. Fortunately, there are a variety of party rentals that can help you host a once-in-a-lifetime party without breaking the bank. Read on for several items you can use to help make your parents' party more memorable and enjoyable while still containing costs.

Professional sound equipment

If you're planning to rent a hotel ballroom or other event room for this party, you may be struggling with the acoustics of a large room, particularly when taking your elderly guests' auditory needs into account. To ensure there's enough background music to keep the party going without interfering with normal conversation, you may need to enlist the services of a rental company to provide you with some sound equipment. These professionals should be able to evaluate the acoustics of the room you're using and the areas where guests will congregate to set up a surround sound system that will let everyone hear both music and conversations clearly, in some cases even setting up unobtrusive acoustic panels to help improve sound quality.

Photo booth

One of the downsides to hosting (or being the guest of honor at) a party can be feeling pulled in all directions and unable to spend much one-on-one time with any specific guest. By renting a photo booth, you'll ensure that both your parents and your guests have copies of silly, sweet, and goofy pictures that will capture the spirit of the evening.

The cost to rent a photo booth can vary by location, and usually falls under one of two structures. You may be charged a flat hourly rate (plus any necessary delivery costs and tip) for the length of your party, with the development of photos and mailing to guests included in this rate. Alternatively, you could be charged a lower hourly rate with an additional fee for each photo developed and mailed. If you have the option of choosing between these payment plans, you can often minimize your costs by making an educated guess as to how many of your guests will take advantage of the photo booth.

While most photo booth rentals include some photo props, you may opt to purchase some additional golden anniversary-themed props (or those that play on your parents' relationship or mutual interests) to help give the photos more personal meaning.

Projector and screen

Having a slideshow of photos spanning the 50-year marriage is a must for any golden anniversary party. However, presentation can be everything -- and if your options are limited to a small projector facing a white wall, you may benefit from renting a high-definition projector and screen. HD technology can allow photos (even older, blurry ones) to be optimized and display much more clearly, and using a projector screen will give the photos a more formal, professional appearance. Renting a projector can boost your party's image without significantly adding to its cost.

If your guest list includes a number of friends and family members who are likely to have photos of your parents, one way to make this slideshow even more meaningful is to ask each guest to provide you with a photo of your parents and a brief story accompanying or explaining it. You'll then be able to help treat your parents to years of marriage memories as seen through the eyes of those who have been there along the way.

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