6 Infant Costumes Ideal For 4th Of July Parades

Attending or participating in a Fourth of July parade is a great tradition that celebrates America and is a great way for people to come together. If you have a young baby, you can easily make them a part of the celebration by dressing them up in various costume designs. Whether you're bringing the infant on a parade float or hanging out on the side of a parade, there are six different infant costumes that can showcase patriotism and create fun memories for the celebration.

American Flag Costumes

Instead of holding a flag up in the air, you can dress your baby as an American flag and proudly hold them throughout the parade. An American flag costume is basically a jumpsuit highlighted with red, white, and blue patterns that match the flag. You can also add accessories like an American flag cape or beanie.

Uncle Sam

Dressing up babies as older people is often funny and Uncle Sam is the ideal character for a Fourth of July celebration. The key to a successful Uncle Sam costume is a patriotic hat that has stars and stripes on it. A knit hat can fit your infant better and will stay on easier through the duration of the parade. If your baby is comfortable with it, you can try adding a fake beard to the costume. The body suit for the baby features red, white, and blue colors with a collar and an American themed tie.

American Solider

The Fourth of July is about celebrating freedom and the armed forces that help keep America free. Show your dedication and support for a variety of armed forces with an American solider costume for your baby. You can dress your baby up in camouflage pants and a matching blouse. These costumes can represent the armed forces in general or have a specific design for a branch of the armed forces. You can also dress your baby up in a small sailor's outfit to showcase the Navy. Your baby will fit right in with all of the marching soldiers and it can make great pictures to look back on.

Pageant Winner

Dress your daughter up like one of the many pageant winners that travel through Fourth of July parades. These costumes are easy to purchase and put together. A small dress will look cute on your baby and can be found in a variety of colors and designs. The pageant theme really comes together with a sash that goes around your baby's body. You can include different text in the sash like "Miss Baby" or "Miss 4th of July." Finish up the costume with a small baby crown or tiara that fits nicely on their head.

Marching Band Members

Fourth of July parades are often filled with marching bands that play patriotic music and entertain the crowds. A small marching band costume is a great idea that can fit with the musical themes of a parade. Along with dressing your child up like a band member, you can pair them with baby instrument toys to play with during the duration of the parade. Small toy instruments are available for young infants and are a great way to add some fun celebration noise to the parade festivities.

All-American Food

Many parades are not just about the people marching in the street, they are also about enjoying some great All-American barbecue food. Your baby can dress up like a number of classic Fourth of July meals. Look for small costumes that can make your baby appear like a hamburger, hot dog, or even a bottle of ketchup.

After dressing your child up for the first year, you can create an annual tradition of picking out costumes for each parade in the following years.