3 Methods To Sell Things For Cash And The Pros And Cons Of Each

When you're short on cash and need some really bad, you might turn to selling some things you own. There are a variety of ways to sell items you have, but each method may have pros and cons. Before you decide on a method, you might want to compare the options available and choose the method that is best for your situation.

Classified Ad Sites

Selling things online has become easier in the last decade because of the rise of online classified ad sites. Here are the pros and cons of using this method to sell the things you own:


  • It's usually free – Depending on the site you use, you can often find sites that are absolutely free. This is nice because it will not cost you anything to advertise or sell the item. The price you get is all yours.
  • It's local – Another benefit of using classified ad sites is that you can choose sites that are local. Because of this, you will not have to spend money or time shipping the items to the buyer.


  • Limited reach – When using local classified ad sites, you may not reach a lot of people through your advertising. This means you may have trouble finding a buyer.
  • It takes time – If you need money right away, this method might not be the best idea, because it can take time to find a buyer and close on the deal.

Online Auction Sites

A second option you could use to sell items you have is online auctions. There are small and large online auction sites available to use, and you can sell almost anything on these sites. To do this, you may need to create an account, and you will have to post pictures and advertise your items. Here are the pros and cons with this method:


  • Reach a large audience – Online auction sites are not usually restricted to certain areas. They are typically made for people in the entire country to view. Because of this, more people will see your posts, which may help you sell faster.
  • Good search tools – Unlike many local classified ad sites, online auction sites generally offer effective search tools. When someone is looking for a certain item, they can type it in and find all the items that match that description.


  • Shipping – One of the bad parts about using online auction sites is that you will have to ship the items. It takes time to get an item packaged, labeled, and shipped, and there are risks with shipping goods.
  • Takes time – Even if you reach a large audience and can sell your item quickly, you might not get paid for it right away.
  • Costly – Most online auctions charge a fee to list items and another fee when items sell. This can reduce the profit you make from your goods.


A third way you could sell things to raise cash is by visiting a pawnshop. You can find pawnshops in all large cities and in many small towns, and many of these shops are open 24 hours a day. Here are the pros and cons of selling things to a pawn shop:


  • Immediate cash – The number one benefit of selling things to a pawnshop is immediate cash. When you bring the item to the shop, they will look at it and make an offer. If you accept, you will receive cash on the spot.
  • Chance to buy it back – If the item is special to you, selling it to a pawnshop is the only method you can use to have a chance to repurchase the item. A pawnshop will give you cash for the item, but they will hold it for a certain amount of time. If you return within this time frame with cash, you can buy the item back.
  • No fees – Another benefit of pawn shops is they do not charge fees to sell items, so it will not cost you anything to sell the item.


  • Lower selling price – The only downside to selling an item to a pawnshop is that you might not get as much money for it as you would with other options. This is because pawnshops resell the items and have to make profits on them. While this can seem like a disadvantage, you should keep in mind that a pawnshop will buy almost any item you have on the spot. On the other hand, you could try to sell your item for a higher price with a different method, but you are not guaranteed to sell the item.

If you really need cash now, using a pawnshop is the best method. It is fast and easy, and you will walk away with cash in your pocket. To learn more, contact a pawnshop in your area.