Is Your Wife Having A Birthday?

Is your wife's birthday quickly approaching? If you're lucky, she might have dropped some pretty obvious clues as to what she'd love for you to give her as her birthday gift. If you're not that lucky, from planning a gift basket to planning a celebration, here are some ideas that might help you to make this birthday one your wife will truly enjoy.

A Gift Basket - Of course, your wife will more than likely enjoy opening one major gift, say a new leather jacket or the expensive jeans she has been wanting. However, wouldn't it be fun for her to open several gifts that you place in a pretty container? Or, you could always give her both the big gift and an accompanying gift basket. Think of unusual items you could put in the gift basket, things that will come as a total surprise for her. For example, you could buy her a army knife that is designed for women, one that has things like tiny scissors in the design. Another idea would be to purchase anti fog spray, something she may not have ever used. Anti fog spray will more than likely become one of your wife's favorite things, as it will do just what it says it will do, eliminate fog from her prescription glasses or her dark glasses. The great part about anti fog spray is that it is very affordable.

A Special Celebration - Besides the gifts your wife will receive from you, think of planning a celebration for her. Consider her life style as you plan the event. For example, if she leads a very busy life that includes being with many people, your wife might love getting away, just the two of you. Even a weekend trip will more than likely be very well received. If your wife is happiest when she's with you and the children, plan an event that includes only your family, maybe even a dinner at home that you and the kids prepare yourself, followed by a movie and pop corn in the family room. On the other hand, if your wife loves getting with friends, think of planning a party, either at your house or somewhere else. Consider making it a surprise party so that she won't worry about the logistics. By you taking charge of the event, your wife won't be worrying about things like what to serve, which activities to do and whom to invite to the party.