Six Good Gag Gifts For Someone Turning 50

By the time most people reach the age of 50, they have most things they need in life, and thus finding the perfect birthday gift for them can be difficult. One solution is to buy them a gag gift. There are plenty of hilarious over-the-hill gifts you can give someone turning 50. These gifts are sure to bring a smile to their face and a laugh to the audience.

A Wig

This gift is funny whether your friend is bald, balding, or still has a full head of hair. It suggests that hairlessness is just around the corner. A wig with an outrageous hairstyle like a mullet or mohawk is even funnier.

Anti-Aging Pills

You can find these "pills" at many joke and gag gift shops; they come in a bottle like a real supplement, and the instructions make them look like they're seriously effective -- until you look closely. They're really just sugar pills, but they promise to make skin stop sagging, hair stop graying, and so much more.

A Cane

If your friend really does have trouble walking or use a cane, stay away from this one. It's a lot funnier for someone who is still pretty agile because it suggests that agility is about to come to an end. Real canes can be expensive, but you can find canes meant to be sold as gag gifts for a lot less. This is all you really need.

A Goofy Mug

If you don't want to spend a lot and want to give your friend something they will actually use, a mug is a good choice. There are a lot of funny ones that say things like "over the hill" and "I might be 50, but I'm still hot." Pick something that matches your loved one's personality.


Rogaine may or may not actually work, but it has become a bit of a running joke when it comes to older adults. A bottle could be a hilarious present, especially if your friend is just starting to lose a little hair.

Thick Glasses

Older people are known for losing their eyesight, so it makes sense that they would need really thick glasses, right? Look for some fake glasses with lenses that are remarkably thick. Your friend will laugh and probably try them on for everyone else's amusement. 

Birthdays are an occasion to smile -- even when someone is turning 50. Buy one of the joke idea gifts above, and prepare to have everyone in giggles.