Order Custom Corporate Plaques To Use In These Ways

When you manage a company, it's a good idea to consider what types of custom plaques you may wish to order to either hand out to your staff or display in your office. A local custom corporate plaque company can show you all sorts of design options, and then add the information you want to the plaques of your choice. Whether you want some plaques to have a classic wooden look or you favor the modern style of frosted glass, you can choose plaques that you can use in all sorts of different ways. Here are some popular examples. 

Honoring Employee Accomplishments

A good reason to order custom plaques is to honor the individual accomplishments of your employees. If you have an annual meeting or party at which you recognize your company's successes over the previous year, this can be a good time to hand out some plaques. For example, you might order a plaque that recognizes the salesperson who had the highest sales numbers in the entire company or someone who didn't miss a single day at work due to illness. Handing out a number of plaques can boost the morale of your workforce.

Celebrating Retirements

When one of your employees retires, it's nice to give them a gift or two to thank them for their service. This can particularly be true if they had a long tenure at your company. There are several different options to consider, including a custom plaque. Plaques that celebrate someone's retirement can feature their name, the company's name and logo, and the years of the person's service to the organization — for example, 1988 to 2022. A message on the plaque such as "Thank you for your contributions" can convey your appreciation to the employee, who will likely be keen to display their plaque in their home.

Recognizing Key Dates

You can also order custom corporate plaques to recognize key dates in your company. For example, if you've expanded the size of your building with an addition, you might wish to order a plaque to hang on the wall at the entrance of this new space. The plaque can display your company's name and logo, the date that the addition opened, and the names of the leadership team who were instrumental in making the addition happen. To learn more about custom corporate plaques and discuss the many different ways you can use them, contact a corporate plaque company in your area.