Three Wrought Iron Curtain Rod Designs To Consider For Your Home

If the time has come to buy new curtain rods for one or more rooms in your home, it can be a fun process to evaluate the many different products at your local home retailer until you find a product that will work well for you. While you can find curtain rods in several materials, those that are made from solid wrought iron can be offer a look and degree of durability that is desirable to lots of people. You'll generally find that there are lots of wrought iron curtain rod designs, so you can think about the overall look that you're trying to achieve in your home to find a design that is suitable. Here are three designs that you'll often encounter.

Pipe Design

One type of curtain rod that may catch your attention has an iron pipe design. Generally, this means that there is a circular pipe flange that mounts to the wall above each end of your window, with a pipe elbow that attaches to it and a long, straight length of iron pipe onto which you'll mount your curtains. This look can add somewhat of an industrial feel to the room, which may be a style that you favor in your home. There are several other pipe-style wrought iron products that you can buy, including shelving, so finding a curtain rod with this look can be a good match if you already have elements in your home with this design.

Ornate Design

You'll often come across a number of wrought iron curtain rods that have ornate designs — a look that you may favor if you have an affinity for ornate accessories throughout your home. Many curtain rods that fit this description have decorative pieces at the end of each rod in various shapes. For example, you may find a rod that has a fleur-de-lis shape, one with a large, textured ball at each end, or other elaborate designs.

Minimalist Design

Many wrought iron products can have a traditional look, but there's an option to consider if you decorate your home in a modern style. Lots of modern spaces have minimalist themes, and this is a style that you can often find when you browse wrought iron curtain rods. A curtain rod with this appearance will typically have a pair of simple, small wall brackets and a lack of decorative elements on each end of the rod. Some rods will be perfectly smooth, while others may have a slightly hammered texture.

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