Smokable CBD Flower: A Guide For Beginners

You may visit your favorite smoke shop and find something really interesting hanging out on the shelf: containers of CBD hemp flower. This is not marijuana, even though it may look quite similar, and it is becoming a rather popular way for people to get the CBD they want. If you are curious, you are bound to have a few questions. Here is a look at some of the most common questions about CBD flowers and the answers you should know as a prospective consumer. 

How do you use the CBD flower?

CBD flower can be smoked in a pipe, rolled into a cigarette, or used to create other products. For instance, some people will utilize CBD hemp flower to make their own edible products or topical creams. The majority of consumers who purchase CBD flower, however, will be smoking it with a pipe or rolled into a hemp cigarette. 

Why are there different CBD flower varieties?

If you look at the different types of CBD flower available and wonder why there are so many varieties, there is a good explanation. CBD flower is derived from hemp, and there is a multitude of hemp strains out there. Just like marijuana, CBD hemp flower can have certain terpenes that give it a specific flavor profile. For example, you may find a type of CBD flower labeled as Sour Diesel or another name that is often associated with marijuana. 

Will the CBD flower make you feel high?

CBD flower will not make you feel high when you smoke it or use it in any other way. Most people use CBD for its potential therapeutic effects, and since it contains only trace amounts of THC if any at all, it is not going to cause any euphoric effects or make you feel any euphoric way. 

Is CBD flower legal to have and use?

CBD flower is a legal product, so it should not get you in any legal trouble if you have it on you or if you are using it. However, CBD flower also looks and smells a lot like regular marijuana, which can cause some confusion among law enforcement. If you do carry CBD flower with you, make sure it is in its original container that clearly identifies that it is a low-THC or no-THC product. Also, it is best if you use the product in the privacy of your home to deter any negative attention.