3 Features To Look For In The Best Power Cords For Your Holiday Decorations

The tree is up, the shopping list is being worked through little by little, and the holiday spirit is well and alive in your home. If you are like a lot of people who celebrate the holidays, this season will bring along with it twinkling outdoor decorations to further enhance the cheer. Unfortunately, a lot of celebrators with a joy of decorating the outdoors with electronic holiday decor disregard the value and importance of using good power cords to keep everything illuminated. Take a look at some of the features to look for in the best power cords for your outdoor holiday display. 

Look for power cords with an on/off switch. 

You need to turn off all of your outdoor decorations for the night, so you go to the outlet where the extension cord is plugged in yank it out of the socket. Unfortunately, this repeated action every day can be enough to damage your electrical outlet. Not to mention, it can be a nuisance. When you are shopping for power cords to power your holiday decorations, look for a cord that has a convenient on/off switch right on the cord. This way, you can simply flip off the switch when it is time to turn your lights off. 

Look for power cords with multiple receptacles for plugs. 

Not every power cord or extension cord you find will have a plug-in receptacle only at the end of the cord. You can actually get power cords these days that have a series of outlets along the length of the cord. This makes more sense than having multiple cords plugged into one crowded area at the end of the cord. Because the plug-ins are not crowded, it is less likely that they will not be making a good connection in the receptacle in a way that could pose a fire hazard. 

Look for power cords that are covered with a heavy vinyl jacket. 

Most cords have a rubber coating, but the best cords will have a heavy-duty vinyl jacket, especially if the cords are going to be used outdoors. This protective layer wards off moisture and keeps the wiring inside the line protected. Additionally, the heavier vinyl will prevent damage to the cords if they get stepped on or pressed against a sharp object like the edge of a walkway or stone. Make sure any cord you are considering has this heavy vinyl exterior. 

Options like Americord extension cords are a good place to start if you would like to learn more.