Toddlers In The Home? 3 Ways To Protect Your Flat-Screen TV

An LCD TV typically has a lifespan that falls between 30,000 and 60,000 hours of use. If you're currently watching your toddlers bounce on your Beautyrest mattress or do flips off of your furniture, you might be going, "Yeah right. Not in this house". While it's true that you can't always protect your home's electronics from damage, there are actions you can take to make an accident less likely to occur. Try the practical tips below before you give up hope and decide you're destined to buy a new flat-screen TV each year. 

Cover the Screen

Sticky fingerprints and greasy smudges are generally a minor inconvenience when you find them on your television set, but some substances can permanently damage the screen of your flat-screen TV. Fortunately, there is a super-simple way to keep your screen clean and scratch free. All you have to do is install a clear sheet of film across the front of your television set for instant protection from dirt, debris, and marker-wielding toddlers.

Don't attempt to create a homemade screen protector for your television set. Look for covers specifically designed for the make, model, and size of TV you own, or talk to a television repair expert about the best option for your flat-screen TV.

Install Anti-Tip Straps

Many parents worry about protecting their TVs from their toddlers, but you may also be concerned about protecting your toddlers from your TVs. This is a valid concern, as tipped-over television sets send a child to the emergency room every 45 minutes. reports that 70% of these incidents affect children under the age of 5, so it's important to make sure that your flat-screen TV is strapped firmly in place.

Anti-tip straps, also referred to as safety straps, are a budget-friendly option for parents who want to protect their kiddos -- and their electronics. Carefully install the straps to the back of all of the television sets in your home by following the instructions on the package. If you are unsure how to proceed, ask a reputable TV installation or repair specialist for help. The technician can examine the safety strap and make sure that the TV is unlikely to crash off of your entertainment center or dresser.

Mount it to the Wall

If your toddlers are the adventurous type, they may find it exciting to climb on top of your entertainment center. This can cause the piece of furniture to fall over, which is bad news for your little ones -- and your television set. To avoid this dangerous problem, consider hanging your flat-screen TV directly from the ceiling or mounting it on your wall.

Flat-screen TVs are typically slim and lightweight, even if you buy a larger model. This makes it easy for your wall to support the weight of the television set after you install a set of top-notch brackets. You may have to drill a few holes into your wall before you can mount the TV, so keep that in mind if you plan to rearrange your living room in the near future.  

You can't watch your toddlers every second of the day, so there is a chance that your TV may still end up broken despite your best efforts to protect it. Before you shell out a bunch of cash for a new television set, try taking it to someone who specializes in flat-screen TV repair. Minor issues can often be fixed in just a few hours, and many techs even offer in-home consultations so you don't have to haul an oversized TV set -- and your energetic toddlers -- to the repair shop. Click here for more information.